C21: Kirill heads to Hulu

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12 Jan 2010

Endemol UK has inked a deal for US video-on-demand service Hulu to host MSN-backed science fiction web series Kirill.

The brand-funded series first ran on Microsoft’s MSN portal in 2008, as first reported by C21 at the time, and was produced by Endemol UK and its subsidiary Pure Grass Films, with sponsorship from Xbox.

At the time, the series was designed with an eye towards boosting uptake of MSN’s Silverlight technology. However, with MSN’s exclusivity of the 10×3′ series at an end, Endemol now has free reign to distribute it elsewhere.

An Endemol spokesman confirmed to C21 that the series had been placed on Hulu, and said it “would crop up in some other places” now that MSN’s window has ended. However, he added that no TV deals have been signed yet.

Hulu has edited the shortform webisodes into one 30-minute episode. No decision has been made yet about a second series of Kirill.