DEN OF THE GEEK: Tim Kring Creating Interactive Conspiracy Thriller

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12 Mar 2013

Heroes’ creator Tim Kring is working on an interactive conspiracy thriller.

Tim Kring, the man behind Heroes and Touch, is creating an interactive conspiracy-thriller entitled The Drake Equation. 

The Drake Equation  will air simultaneously with a real-time digital narrative available through social media and interactive gaming.  The show will revolve around a mysterious signal that reaches Earth from outer space. The governments of the world bond together to create S.I.A. (Space Intelligence Agency) to cover up news of the signal.  However, word of the signal leaks to the public, and a number of people take matters into their own hands.

The pilot for The Drake Equation was written by Andy Briggs (Ghost Town, Dark Relic).

The real-time interactive narrative, which appears to be something similar to The Walking Dead’s story sync but more interactive, will encourage further viewer immersion, and will include leaks to found footage, time-sensitve clues and cover files.