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06 Nov 2008

Kirill takes the concept of broadcasting high-quality, filmic drama on the internet to a new level, taking a linear series of 10 three-minute episodes and layering it with a host of blogs, images, additional videoand audio files peppered around the internet, as well as secret websites, to tell an intricate story of a man on a quest to make contact with a young woman who holds the key to the future of humanity.

Hosted on MSN Video and produced by Endemol UK, Kirill’s gripping storyline places Microsoft’s range of products and services, including Vista, Live Search, Live Messenger, Live Spaces and MSN, at the crux of the plot. As well as being able to view the content in high-definition by downloading Silverlight, fans will be able to further enrich their experience by interacting with the show and unravelling clues and deciphering codes that hold key information about the episodes.

With a quality cast and big-budget production Kirill is an example of Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to provide the best content experience on the web and showcases its product range as well as its ability to create fresh content.

Kirill will be played by famous British actor David Schofield who has starred in Hollywood box office smashes such as Gladiator and Pirates of the Caribbean, as well as the BAFTA award winning Brit TV series Our Friends in The North. Early next year he will feature in Tom Cruise’s upcoming Hitler assassination film, Valkyrie.

MSN’s Executive Producer, Peter Bale comments: “Video is central to our strategy and with Kirill we’re putting ourselves firmly on the map. What makes Kirill unique is the interoperability of the show with Microsoft’s range of products and services.

Not only can users find out more by solving clues, but they can also watch the show in high definition by downloading Silverlight. “This is the first time we have commissioned a drama of this scale but with Endemol looking after production, an actor of David’s calibre and high production values, we’re really excited and confident about its launch.”

Pasa Mustafa Head of Digital Studios at Endemol UK comments: “We’re thrilled to be part of MSN UK’s first ever original production. Kirill is a unique concept bringing together a wide range of styles and techniques, from high production drama to blogging and messaging. This is an action packed sci-fi thriller and I have no doubt that MSN’s audience is going to love it.”

The first episode of Kirill went live this morning on MSN Video and new shows will be posted twice a week for the next 5 weeks. Kirill has been produced by Endemol UK in partnership with Pure Grass Films.