BROADCAST: Multiplatform indie Pure Grass teams with Heroes creator

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12 Mar 2013

Multiplatform indie Pure Grass Films has teamed with Heroes creator Tim Kring and Sonar Entertainment to produce conspiracy thriller The Drake Equation.

The series centres around mysterious signals that have reached the Earth from outer space and despite governments trying to keep this information secret, it has leaked out. The show follows a mid-level government agent, who must work with discredited scientists and hackers to save the world.

The companies are in talks with US cable networks and international broadcasters. “We’re in discussions with a number of partners in the US and about to start talking to broadcasters in a number of international markets,” said Pure Grass chief exec Ben Grass. “Tim has great credentials, so I’m sure it will have a great home in the UK.”

The series will also have a number of digital extensions. “It’s a great opportunity to tap into the communities that exist online that are already talking about this like the strange comet that launches a couple of weeks ago and the Chinese hackers and the New York Times,” added Grass.

“Today’s audiences expect nothing less than a totally immersive and interactive viewing experience that is also narrative and character driven,” said Kring. “With The Drake Equation, we’ve taken the classic alien invasion genre and completely reinvented it.”

Pure Grass Films is backed by Endemol and Moscow financier Christophe Charlier, who is chairman of the Brookyln Nets NBA basketball team. It has previously produced a number of digital series including Beyond The Rave for Myspace.

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