Pure Grass Films readies thriller movie for rollout across media

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02 Dec 2010

Cross-platform production company Pure Grass Films has unveiled its transmedia strategy for supernatural thriller franchise Shape Shifter, due to debut next year.

The company, part-owned by Endemol, hopes to boost engagement with 15-30-year-olds by adapting the film’s storyline to tablet PCs, smartphones, social games, books, e-books, motion comics and, potentially, games consoles.

Pure Grass is working with publisher Hodder & Stoughton and production company New Black Films to deliver the project..The film’s story will be extended online with exclusive video content and games. Users can unlock content, such as the protagonist Anna’s investigative files and backstory.

The company is also aiming to develop a Facebook social game, similar in style to Mafia Wars, which will mirror the storyline and provide extra content. The apps will be prepared for iPads, iPhones and Android handsets.

Ben Grass, MD of Pure Grass Films, said, “This type of story is well suited to game adaptation and will be tailored to each device.”

He said there’ll be a wealth of ad and sponsorship opportunities: “There’ll be product placement opportunities, pre-rolls, display ads, branded games and in-app ads.”