WORLDSCREEN: Nerd Corps to Bring Stephen Hawking’s Books to the Small Screen

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01 May 2014

VANCOUVER: Nerd Corps Entertainment has partnered with famed physicist Stephen Hawking and his daughter, author Lucy Hawking, along with Pure Grass Films, to develop a new show inspired by the George Greenby children’s book series penned by both Hawkings.

The educational comedy adventure centers on 11-year-old George Greenby, who uses a supercomputer to travel through space and time with his friend Annie Bellis. The 26×30-minute animated episodes are being developed and produced by Nerd Corps, while Pure Grass Films has signed on to exec produce, co-finance and distribute the series in a number of territories. Nerd Corps is also planning an extensive multiplatform experience to support the science-themed program.

Lucy and Stephen Hawking remarked: “The joint mission with Nerd Corps presents a truly exciting opportunity to engage young viewers with science through spectacular visual entertainment and dramatic storytelling. We are thrilled to be working with Nerd Corps and look forward to developing the series together.”

“We are excited and honored to have the opportunity to develop these outstanding books from Lucy and Stephen Hawking for TV,” said Asaph Fipke, the CEO and founder of Nerd Corps. “The George Greenby books have been read by children all over the world, and we know fans will be thrilled to see George and Annie’s exploits brought to life on-screen. We hope this show will be a giant leap for kidkind, inspiring children worldwide to embrace the mysteries and marvels of science.”

“This series and its rich multiplatform executions will bring the awesome excitement of science and space to children around the world,” added Ben Grass, the CEO and founder of Pure Grass Films. “We are honored to be working with Stephen and Lucy Hawking and Nerd Corps—truly visionary talents in their fields.”

By Joanna Padovano from